What Do I Need to Consider When Purchasing a Dump Truck?

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Dump trucks are primarily used in the construction sector where they are used for transporting loose material such as gravel, sand, dirt, etc. To get maximum use out of the dump truck in your possession, it is of utmost importance that you are well aware of its capacity and your own specific requirements.

Dump trucks are big-ticket investments which require you to conduct some prior research to determine the type of engine, transmission, axle configuration, and other features you need before spending your hard earned money. Also, the budget you have will dictate your choice of whether to go for a new or used dump truck. Regardless of whether you wish to purchase a new or used dump truck, the following ideas will help your decision-making process and help you get the maximum value for your investment.

Fuel Efficiency is Important

The operational economy of the dump truck is of paramount importance and needs attention. As a truck owner, you should look to extract as much value as possible from your purchase. Incurring the least cost/cubic meters or cost per ton over the lifecycle of the truck is advised. In other words, performance and efficiency both equally matter and should be figured prominently on your checklist.

Maintenance costs, uptime, fuel costs, and vehicle acquisition costs are some of the most important factors that play a crucial role in a customer’s overall purchase decision.

However, trucking experts feel that among all of these essential factors, productivity and fuel efficiency are the two most vital ones. In fact, fuel accounts for 50 percent of your overall operational costs. Additionally, the higher uptime means better productivity and less time your truck is in the shop. The reduction in maintenance cost directly adds to your bottom line.

Overall Safety and Comfort

The overall comfort and safety provided by the truck also play a vital role in a dump truck buying decision. An industry report revealed that safety, uptime, and driver comfort are three of the most critical attributes that tilt the judgment in favor of a particular brand of dump truck. These are just a few of the important factors to consider when buying a truck.

Construction jobs usually push drivers around the clock and construction projects generally have stringent timelines and deadlines. Dump trucks play a vital role in keeping the construction project running smoothly. As such, project managers and engineers prefer dump trucks that have a stellar reputation of providing high uptime due to their proven reliability.

Carrying large quantities of dust, debris, and gravel to and from the construction site where other heavy machinery operates presents serious hazards. It is therefore imperative that the particular brand of truck puts great importance on driver safety. The top truck brands, like Mack, have cabins that have undergone the toughest of safety tests and are fit for the harshest driving conditions in the world. The cabins are designed to handle both frontends, and rear end crashes with ease for the utmost safety of the driver.

Choosing the Right Dump Truck Engine is Vital

Engine size and power are other critical factors when choosing a dump truck for your operation. The primary goal of buying a dump truck is to obtain a good return on your investment (ROI). An excellent way to generate a handsome return on your investment is to purchase an engine with horsepower that exceeds your present requirement. The power output of a dump truck usually ranges from 300 to 600 horsepower.

If you are buying a dump truck to use on flat terrain with lighter loads, a smaller engine with less horsepower will be adequate to take care of the job. However, for heavy loads over hilly or rough terrain, you will need a more powerful engine to keep your speed on steep grades. You never want to be underpowered, but using a large, powerful engine for frequent light hauling will create an unnecessarily high operating expense.

An undersized engine for carrying heavy loads over steep terrain will be a waste of money as the truck will not perform up to par. On the other hand, using a large, powerful engine for frequent light hauling will be a waste of money as it will unnecessarily add to your operational expenses.

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Choosing a Transmission

There are several types of transmissions available, and each comes with its own distinct features. Here are a few options below:

Manual Transmission

A manual transmission is the most popular choice for dump trucks, mostly because of the performance and extensive array of gear options available. The more gear choices the truck’s transmission has, the easier it will be to sync the engine’s performance with the task at hand. A manual transmission is also a more prudent option for driving over steep terrain.

Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmissions are more expensive than a manual transmission, but it is a more preferable option for drivers lacking experience as it doesn’t require gear shifting.

Get in touch with us today, and we will help you figure out what type of dump truck will suit you best given your job requirements and budget.

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