Should I Purchase a New or Used Commercial Truck?

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Purchasing a truck is a long-term investment which warrants that you make your final decision based on many important factors. Buying a commercial vehicle is essential since the selection of the right truck ensures that you can use it for the intended purposes without any hassle and get the maximum ROI for your purchase.

There are many different types of trucks available on the market from different manufacturers, and you need to pick one that closely matches your needs as well as your budget. First and foremost you need to accurately asses your requirements and the reason for buying the truck in the first place.

When you feel that you need a new or used commercial truck for the job, you should ask yourself these important commercial truck buying questions first:

  • Why do I need a commercial truck in the first place?
  • What essential features and functionalities I am looking for in this truck?
  • What is my budget and how long am I planning to put this truck into service?
  • Do I need a brand new truck or can a used commercial truck efficiently take care of my needs?

There are a few more questions that a prospective buyer may need to find answers to, but the questions mentioned above are the ones that need crystal clear answers before you proceed further.

One of the most critical questions apart from your needs and requirements is that age-old question: “Should I purchase a new or used commercial truck?”

In the following article, we will look in detail about the pros and cons of buying a used or a new commercial truck. A better understanding of the purchasing decision will help facilitate your decision-making process, and you will find yourself in a comfortable position to buy a truck that offers the perfect fit between your budget and your needs.

Advantages of Buying a New Commercial Truck

You will agree that the decision to buy a new or used commercial truck has to do most with your budget. Understanding your budget is self-explanatory since a brand new truck is going to cost you more than a used one.

Apart from the higher amount that you have to shell out for a new truck, there are other costs like warranty costs and interest costs that you will have to take care of and factor into your decision.

The most important question then is: Is the higher expense justified?

Determining whether the higher expense is justified warrants a deeper dive to find out more about the essential benefits of buying a new truck.

Some of the pros of buying a new truck are as follows:

Extensive Warranty

A significant advantage of buying a brand new commercial truck is that they come with extensive warranties and guarantees. The extended warranty covers all types of issues which offers considerable relief to buyers. You have the utmost peace of mind knowing well that you will not have to pay money for damages or repairs.

Comprehensive Knowledge of the Truck’s History

A new truck means that it has not been in someone else’s possession before you. Being the first owner is in contrast to a used truck where you are unaware of what have been the major issues with it and how well maintained the previous owner kept the truck.

With a new truck, you have full disclosure of all information which means that you are in complete control. All you have to do is to take good care of it and you will get great life out of the vehicle. With advancing technology, newer trucks are coming with better fuel-efficiency and aerodynamics. Getting better miles per gallon is another advantage of buying a new truck.


Advantages of Buying a Used Commercial Truck

Used trucks are the preferred choice for owner-operators, especially new owner-operators. Some of the crucial pros of buying a used commercial truck are as follows:

Used Commercial Trucks Will Cost You Less

Used trucks come with significantly lower price tags. A new truck might be available for $150,000 and can easily be purchased for $20-$30,000 after a decade or so in service.

Little Difference Between Brand New and Lightly-Used Commercial Trucks

Used commercial purchases lower your financial obligation to a considerable extent which means you will not have much difficulty in changing course should things not work out. If you run into financial problems for one reason or the other, you can quickly change course and take up another job.

Less Risk Associated With a Used Commercial Truck

Provided a truck has not been in use for a lengthy period, and provided you have useful information about how the previous owner or owners maintained the truck, there is little to differentiate between a lightly-used and a new commercial truck.


You may buy a new or a used commercial truck based upon your own unique needs and requirements. Whether you have decided to buy a new or a used truck, it is imperative that you get in touch with a reputable dealer who can take care of all your needs. Top of the line dealers employ experts and industry veterans who can guide you in the right direction. If you are still looking for more guidance, check out these 5 things to consider when purchasing a commercial truck!

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